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About Smart Camp

Our camp is a recreational and educational camp for boys and girls from 6 to 17, with the program full of games, video projects, theatre, visual arts, sports activities, country study masterclasses, and, naturaly, English! But what we consider our true aim is doing our best to let our campers have the summer of a lifetime, full of lasting friendships and memories! All our sessions are held out of town, in the middle of gorgeous pine groves on the bank of the Volga, about half an hour drive from the city of Ulyanovsk. The camp premises normally include a dormitory (or even separate log cabins for each group of campers) with separate rooms for 3-4 people; a volleyball pitch, a soccer field, rooms for classes and a stage/conference room for various shows and performances which are held practically every day.

Staff accommodation and board

We make sure our counselors get good rest and, at the same time, the sense of community. That’s why our staff members have their own rooms (also for 3-4 people each). As to the meals, we all eat together with children, 3 meals a day plus a kind of “5 o’clock tea”. Just remember that it is healthy food meant for children, that’s why if you can’t live without chilies or garam masala, simply bring them along!

Positions available

General counselor

Sports and fitness instructor

English teacher

Drama teacher

What it is going to be like and what we expect from you

You'll be spending a huge part of the day with campers as you will be their inspirational and energizing leader, teacher AND a friend! That's why you must be communicative, outgoing as well as fluent in English. Not an issue if English is your native language, right? Otherwise the language level must be not lower than upper-intermediate/B2.

How to apply

So if you are up to the challenge and ready for the summer full of impressions, don't procrastinate and fill in your application here . There's competition to get the job, so do mention any relevant experience and achievements. Feel free to ask questions regarding the camp sessions - duration, locations, your salary and visa, accommodaton provided. We look forward to hearing from you and working together in Smart Camp - the place where dreams come true!


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